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Monday, August 30, 2004

fever rules!!!!

Me, down with fever!!!!. I guess, all the basic ingredients needed to posses fever are rightly stocked and locked up in my body. (Cold, cough, sore throat, head ache………). I’ve been having bad temperature from past 3 days and the pills in taken seem less efficient in chasing away the mobsters out of my body.

Strangely, this rakhi wasn’t much fun. The day came and passed away, holding no strings of sweet memories. Tomorrow is my mom’s b’day. Maybe, even tomorrow’s not gonna be rocking as both my brother and me are sick and my father’s away on some official work. Well, can't afford to strain my eyes any longer, gotta see if my brother’s online and then rest my weary eyes. Have a nice week people.!!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

A mother's plight...

In the afternoon, I was helping my mom in stacking and piling away the old newspapers to sell them, when I suddenly came across the headlines which ranted about hanging Sanjay Dhananjoy, the prime accused in the Hetal Parekh rape incident. The newspaper also talked about the debate over capital punishment. The talk made me look at the episode from a mother’s point of view.

Here is a mother’s plight:

During the twilight hours,
I sensed the growth of a new soul.
A new soul,
Amidst the nests of my womb.

A new life,
I gave birth to.
Her newness and royalty
Had spurred my maternal desires.

I milked her.
Nourished her, cared for her,
Loved her – for she was mine
She was an off-shoot of my
Very own existing self.

Her enchanting smile
Enthralled the old.
Her gabble and whisperings
Soothed my ears.
Her garrulous talk
Chased away my grieves and agony.
She became the reason for
My existence.
She was my little angel,
My sweet little daughter.

With the flow of the cascades
And passage of time
She ventured into
The drenching woods of adolescence
I saw her giggling
And conspiring
For now I realized,
She no longer was ignorant.
But yet, she carried
The charm of innocence.
Her charm so very mesmerizing
That I forgave her follies.
After all,
She was still my
Little angel.

My little orchard
Seemed to bloom
For the heavens had opened
Their doors, to shower
Joys and happiness.

When god unfolds
His arms to
Embrace, how could the Satan
Just sit and watch!

He entered my
Peaceful paradise.
And uprooted
my world with his malice veiled eyes.
The venomous snake
Sucked my flower’s virginity!
Robbed her from me,
Robbed her companionship from
Her friends!
Robbed her from the face of earth!

The passion for my vengeance
Knew no bounds.
For I let it thrive
To see the
Agonizing and miserable
Death of the snake.

Finally, the day had come,
The sinister was hanged.
I saw his blood drain,
Heard his last gasp,
Sensed the numbness in his body,
For it was not
The law which had punished him.
It was his conscience which
Had stabbed him. And
I saw him,
Nailing down his own ribs,
Drowning in his very own blood.

I heard voices in the night.
The hymns being recited
For my vengeance was completed.
In the middle of the recitals,
I caught a glimpse of
My daughter.
“Glimpse” was what I thought,
But she came towards me,
Knelt beside me,
and said,
“Mother, u have taken your revenge.
But I still wander in the marshy nights watching all different kinds of sin. The mellowness of innocence and virtue have left this soil. The gravel and humus is now a cobweb of misery and sin, ruled by the god –damned Satan. Look mom, yonder there, I still see a little girl being raped. What would you do now? Save the girl or hang the rapist?”


Saturday, August 21, 2004

saga of the troubles confronted......

“There is a veil through which I could not see
There is a door to which I found no key.”

Omar Khayam

Perfect lines to describe the situation that prevailed from Monday-Friday. 5 long days and I couldn’t post anything. It wasn’t that there weren’t any thoughts hovering and bustling around my medulla, but rather, it was because I had no key to enter the door (my blog)

It was on Monday night, that I realized my beautiful hair locks were turning Grey. My memory had successfully deceived me for I was unable to remember my username to log into my blog! (Ever heard of that before- forgetting “usernames” not to mention “pass words”.)

After a series of frantic cries and desperate e-mails to the blogger.com, I retrieved my username from the blogger support team. The retrieval of the username brought a big smile on my visage. All my 30 teeth were on an effective display. (My wisdom teeth haven’t popped up yet – that shows why I forgot my username!). (Roz naya “close-up” karti hoon, isliye danth dikhati hoon.) But little did I know then, that all was not yet over. Another cornucopias of log-in troubles were waiting to pounce on me. Thursday happened to be on their stride and they preyed on me menacingly, relishing every moment of my anguish and frustration. (The very thought of this frustrating message “INTERNAL SERVER ERROR- CONTACT THE BLOGGER SUPPORT TEAM IMMEDIATELY”, shatters my spirits even now!).

But how long could god give the “chumming way” to the devils, the angels have finally come to my rescue today. No blunders at all and the irritating messages haven’t cropped up their ugly heads this time. Good for me, atleast now I can sooth my itchy fingers by writing down, how my days have been spent.

MONDAY: Had loads of fun and masti with college mates. We successfully executed the plan of mass bunking for the afternoon session and went to Prasad’s multiplex to watch “Kyon ho gaya na!” but couldn’t get hold of the tickets. Nevertheless, we still had fun as we spent around 5hrs at the multiplex playing all odd and funny games, running down the stairs, window shopping, and finally spent a few hours at the “Ohri’s” food court. We had a gala time talking all about boy friends, girl friends, and teachers and mimicking them. It was a masti maro day! But the night stung me, its venom being “invalid username”.

TUESDAY: Was a very hectic day. Still had problems in logging.
WEDNESDAY: Followed Tuesday’s footsteps. Busy and hectic.
THURSDAY: This day drained my energy and spirits- the day the frustrating message wheeled through the channels of my mind.
FRIDAY: Was an awesome day! My super-seniors had their internship presentations and design collections. And what a collection it was! Simply excellent!

Kim, Nishith and Kamal did their internships under a Delhi-based designer. And man, what can I say about their collection! It was simply mind-boggling! They designed sarees which now cost around Rs. 65,000- Rs.90, 000! (What a whooping sum for just one saree!). The sarees displayed the majestic aura and strength of Zardozi and Kalamkari. (Me definitely gonna work with these arts one day!).

Srikanth’s collection on men’s wear for (Fall – Winter 04-05) was a ripsnorter. His shirts reflected a dignitary’s evening wardrobe.

Ishita was excellent in her cuts and styles. Her collection for girls was very trendy and hep. Her color palette showed that she had taken all the pains in following the Fashion Forecast rightly. The bright and “Jhatak” colors portrayed the flamboyant nature.

Mansi and Ritu were far beyond excellent in their ethnic wear collections.

Those were just a few of the works, which I liked the most. These guys are simply outstanding. This was just an internship presentation, wonder what these guys would be displaying for their graduation show?

That’s it for now as my fingers have stopped itching.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

fresh start.........

This is my first blog n i have absolutely no clue as to how it would appear on the IE. ........

i have always penned down my thoughts n feelings in my diary. But now, since i've lost it, I m banking on my newly created blog. n i m happy 2 create it.

n now, where do i begin from..........

well, right now, i'll just pen down my thoughts........

The enchanting symphonic notes,
the merry gurgling,
the spark of heaven;
the slush of love.

The epitome of;
fragrant richness,
the maze of;
the wildest beauty
the tunes of virtue
the aisles of time.

The glory of pleasure;
the throne of melancholy,
the breeze of freshness
the storm of death.

The open vessel of gay;
the seculded cove of grief;
the loquaciousness of;
the little angel,
the trumpeting wild cries
of the mourner.

The color of hue
the vastness in you,
the blend of emotions,
the cassock of philosophy.

Entwining ideas are;
unlocked by you,
the shimmering green
is brought by you.
so, is the dust of despair.

For you;
swing there
dancing to the melody
of human emotions.
You unravel the mysterious;
the locked cells
of human psychology.

For you;
are the usherer of
feelings and emotions.
You bring in the;
tranquility of charm.
You are the embodiment
of the divine.

For you;
are none else
than-- my passion

- shilpa