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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

dawn of the dusk....(masti in full swing..)

The final beginning or the dawn of the dusk??..anywys, this post is a reminder to all bloggers in my blogistan world that i havent yet disappeared from the face of earth..(mother earth, needs me badly..cannot disappoint her..)and i shall continue my postings as usual..(so,i hope there wudnt be any more enquiring frantic mails..)

guess, the last post had a mesmerizing touch with the my proffs...so,finally ...no reexams..and i have passed through all papers with an overall SGPA of 7.1(not bad, i guess for all the tragic scenes and long post of lamenting..)

Had loads of fun at the NIFT-SPECTRUM-2K5, awesome events with a cool n funky fashion show...fashion, blooms everywhere..the ramp saw all kinds of styles..punk, hip-hop to trance n spiritual enigma..the culutural fest was stupendous too..And as far as literary activities were concerned, i had had sincerly imitated lord krishna by blowing the conch for the battle of words n opinions (moi, was the organizer for the debate competition)...

After spectrum -2k5, moi, looking forward to the IIIT-FEST(FELICITY)...guess, i'll have loads of fun there..looking forward to 4th night when bombay vikings would spell their magic on all music fans at IIIT...

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