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Sunday, July 24, 2005

eyes and tears...

This is one of MY favorite poems by andrew marvell. He's an outstanding poet and i just love and adore his pieces. Here's one of his very best.....

Eyes and Tears.

How wisely Nature did decree,
With the same Eyes to weep and see!
That, having view'd the object vain,
They might be ready to complain.

And since the Self-deluding Sight,
In a false Angle takes each hight;
These Tears which better measure all,
Like wat'ry Lines and Plummets fall.

Two Tears, which Sorrow long did weigh
Within the Scales of either Eye,
And then paid out in equal Poise,
Are the true price of all my Joyes.

What in the World most fair appears,
Yea even Laughter, turns to Tears:
And all the Jewels which we prize,
Melt in these Pendants of the Eyes.

I have through every Garden been,
Amongst the Red,the White, the Green;
And yet, from all the flow'rs I saw,
No Hony, but these Tears could draw.

So the all-seeing Sun each day
Distills the World with Chymick Ray;
But finds the Essence only Showers,
Which straight in pity back he powers.

Yet happy they whom Grief doth bless,
That weep the more, and see the less:
And, to preserve their Sight more true,
Bath still their Eyes in their own Dew.

So Magdalen, in Tears more wise
Dissolv'd those captivating Eyes,
Whose liquid Chains could flowing meet
To fetter her Redeemers feet.

Not full sailes hasting loaden home,
Nor the chast Ladies pregnant Womb,
Nor Cynthia Teeming show's so fair,
As two Eyes swoln with weeping are.

The sparkling Glance that shoots Desire,
Drench'd in these Waves, does lose it fire.
Yea oft the Thund'rer pitty takes
And here the hissing Lightning slakes.

The Incense was to Heaven dear,
Not as a Perfume, but a Tear.
And Stars shew lovely in the Night,
But as they seem the Tears of Light.

Ope then mine Eyes your double Sluice,
And practise so your noblest Use.
For others too can see, or sleep;
But only humane Eyes can weep.

Now like two Clouds dissolving, drop,
And at each Tear in distance stop:
Now like two Fountains trickle down:
Now like two floods o'return and drown.

Thus let your Streams o'reflow your Springs,
Till Eyes and Tears be the same things:
And each the other's difference bears;
These weeping Eyes, those seeing Tears.

Marvell simply marvels at this work. Don't you think so?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

walk with me,my dearest past..

It looks a little ridiculous to post something new after a hibernation period of two months. but then the vaccation has got my nerves flooded with new tales and gossips and musings that my fingers have started to itch yet again.

It’s a wild road
And I am all alone
Walking the distance of life
On a rise and down the lane
There I land
And here I go
Roving along the narrow path
Pondering over the unspoken trance
working on the balance of life.

I move
In search of light
I walk on and on
to realize the fact
that I m not all alone
Walking in the darkness along with me
With a lonely aura, accompanies my friend
And I lead this loyal mass
Into a death pit..

Strange it is
For my companion
Walks through all obstacles with me
Carrying a satchel of deep memories
Of love, of avarice
Of concern, of greed
Of the evil sins
And of the balustrade of virtues.

It’s a sincere walk
And she’s being loyal
Thriving in her own dark death
Walking along faithfully
To avenge her dark life for my sake.

I seek for the light of eternity
And as I sense its ephemeral warmth around me
My eyes have caught the first streak of parting pain
I see the diminishing soul of my past
My friend—my past, my shadow.
I see her cry for help
But I m malicious to the extent
Of snatching away her ‘light’
I can’t let her with me
For all that I fear
is her loyalty.