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Thursday, August 04, 2005

' his love, i realised at age 65'

on the lust in me, i pledge
your song was nectar to my ears
your whispers were the tunes,
i had danced to.
your voice vouched of
the existence of a superhero.
i am done to you, as i couldn't
have been to others.
your caress was all;
i could have asked for.
you dwelt in my dreams
and you coughed in my conscience.
your love had bound me;
your soul swept through my being.
my body had learnt
the contact of thy skin alone!
your breath caught me in nostalgia
you were everything,
i dreamt of....

but, now.....
lying on the same bed
that has washed you away....
i swear....
you whispered in my deaf ears
you moved the viel of blindness
you nurtured all possible pleasure
you showed me
the last gasp of death....

you have killed me
in the sweetness of your love.